Health and Safety on the Plot


Working an allotment is a great pleasure that brings us exercise and enjoyment. But it is also hard physical work. Our allotments should be safe places to work and there are a number of simple steps that we can take to ensure safety.

Working our plots is physical! To minimise the risk of damaging muscles or joints, warm up a little before undertaking digging or other strenuous tasks and break up large jobs into small manageable sections.

Please make sure that your gardening tools are in good condition, that you are dressed appropriately for working your plot, and that you understand how to use the equipment provided by the Association. If you use any pesticides or other chemicals then follow instructions with care and ensure that they are not accessible to children.

The Association provides a basic first aid box (in the locked kitchen at Digswell; and in the cabinet attached to the front of the shed at Broadwater). In addition to this, plotholders should consider whether there is a need to supplement this to meet any personal medical needs.

Take regular breaks and drink regularly – staying hydrated helps to maintain concentration.