Useful websites


https://garden.org National Gardening Association (US)

www.growlikegrandad.co.uk Grow Like Grandad

https://www.nsalg.org.uk/ National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners

http://www.welhat.gov.uk/allotments  Welwyn Hatfield BC Allotment Web-site  

http://www.allotmentgardening.org.uk/  Allotment Gardening 

https://www.allaboutallotments.co.uk/associations-east-england - "a gateway to web-sites about allotments"

https://www.gardenorganic.org.uk/organic-allotment-growing  Organic Allotment Gardening 

https://sixbrotherspestcontrol.com/garden-pests-natural-guide/ Tackling pests naturally (US web-site)

https://www.kingsseeds.com/  Kings Seeds 

https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/grow-your-own/app  Royal Horticultural Society's free app - plants of interest to "My Garden" to get information on growing, harvesting etc., including a useful monthly planner. 


National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners

The "National Allotment Society"


Something that you may not be aware of is that by being a member of the Longcroft Allotment Association you are also a member of the National Allotment Society.

The National Allotment Society is the national organisation which upholds the interests and rights of the allotment community across the UK. It works with government at national and local levels and other organisations to provide, promote and preserve allotments and offers support, guidance and advice to its members (and others with an interest in allotment gardening).

Members of our Association are entitled to free insurance and access to discounted seeds (from the Kings catalogue) through its membership the Society. The Society provides many other benefits, and its web-site contains advice on planning an allotment, crops, monthly jobs and tips on: managing water during droughts, producing your own compost, and pest control.

Its web-site also describes some traditional gardening methods, some of which are still commonly upheld, whilst others seem to have fallen by the wayside. For example, ‘planting by the moon’ is based on an ancient belief that above-ground crops should be planted during the Waxing Moon, while root crops should be planted during the Waning Moon. Surely that’s worth a try?!

For more information see the link above.


LOCAL Allotment Association Websites


http://burydellallotments.co.uk/ - Burydell Lane Allotment Association (St Albans)

http://www.ehgc.org/  - East Harpenden Gardening Club

http://www.flagstalbans.org.uk/ - Folly Lane Allotment Group (St Albans) 

http://ldga.org.uk/wp/ - Letchworth District Gardeners Association

http://www.raga.org.uk/  - Royston Allotment and Gardeners Association

https://www.sgaa.co.uk/index.php  - Stevenage Gardens & Allotments Association 

http://www.tringallotments.org.uk/ - Tring Allotments Association