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Longcroft Allotment Association

Longcroft Allotment Association is a volunteer led organisation created to support and promote allotments in the Welwyn Garden City Area. 

We have two sites; the Digswell and Broadwater sites.

Digswell Site

Situated in Brockswood Lane, Welwyn Garden City, the Digswell site has over 70 plots. 

The Digswell site has water provision, toilets and a small kitchen.

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Broadwater site

Situated in Corals Mead, off Broadwater Lane in Welwyn Garden City, the Broadwater site has over 35 plots. The Broadwater site benefits from water and has toilet facilities.

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How big is a plot?

Every year, you receive an invoice for your plot, calculated as an amount per pole. But how many of us actually know what a pole is?

Allotments are traditionally measured in rods or poles (they're the same thing),which is an old Anglo-Saxon unit named because it was the length of the rod used to control a team of eight oxen, which was about 5.5 yards in length. A pole has now come to mean an area rather than length and is a measure of area equal to 5.5 yards by 5.5 yards, or 30.25 square yards. 

Most of the plots on the Digswell and Broadwater sites are 5 and 7 pole plots, and so are about 150 square yards or 212 square yards respectively. A half plot would normally be 75 square yards.