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Plots Available (March 2019)

There is currently a half-size plot available at our Digswell site.  

Broadwater Site

There are no vacant plots at Broadwater and no-one currently on the waiting list.   

Digswell Site

There is one half plot vacant  and two people on the waiting list - both of whom would like to wait for a full-size plot.  

Benefits of Allotment Gardening

Allotments are good for the environment. Allotments are a great way of keeping fit and enjoying the fresh air. 

LAA is a really sociable Association so come and meet some new people and make new friends.  Allotments are a place to unwind, relax and take time out from a hectic life style. They can also  be a brilliant family activity – or suit those who want a hobby of their own! 

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